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Traca i Mocador Blanc 2020 DO Montsant


Traca i mocador 91 puntos guia peñin 2020
Traca i Mocador Blanc DO Montsant

A tailored suit for the palate… Also White

What they have in common the wine world and the world of fashion? Josep and Oriol and did not know not to answer when the summer of 2013 gathered at Mas de les Vinyes, the term Cabacés (Tarragona). Rediscover a lost friendship very different career paths for business is not easy. Josep Borras working wine since his father, Emilio decided to revive a place of wine over the past 70 years. Oriol Elcacho, became one of the most internationally recognized models, being the image of prestigious firms as Emidio Tucci, Ralph Lauren or Massimo Dutti. But back to that day in the house. Those two friends who work for reasons not seen too often, they began to meet regularly and somehow rediscovered, always a common thread between laughter and laughter, wine. Oriol fell in love with that house which had both heard but had never walked. That warm afternoon two seemingly opposing worlds came together not separate anymore. Suddenly, a debatable question had a very simple answer: the bonding between wine and fashion had name: Traca i Mocador.

Traca i Mocador Blanc




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Traca i Mocador (Fireworks and scarf) is a name that smells joy and good humor. Just the name is closer to defining the friendship between the two protagonists . Looking for a wine that will drink immediately after purchase . Traca i Mocador not keep looking for a time, Traca i Mocador is always the opportunity to have friends at the table . It is definitely a wine to have fun . A wine full of humor and simplicity ( Traca means fireworks ), but also elegance and details ( “Mocador” means scarf ). The obsession was to get a nice mouth feel thanks to candy and fruit . A wine for everyone with a very fine taste from land disposal. A young wine (not a new wine ), easy to drink (not simple ) and can be summarized above all the best of maturity, hardness and complexity of a land and a climate created to make good wines.


Traca i Mocador Blanc DO Montsant

Traca i Mocador Blanc 2020

After a passage of 45 days for French oak it achieves this structure, strength and vigor, while maintaining the aroma of the flower of its youth and its varieties.

Young White Wine. %Vol: 13,5º

80% Macabeu

20% White Grenache


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