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Mas de les Vinyes Presents at “Les Nits de la DO Montsant” at Hofmann Restaurante in Barcelona

Mas de les Vinyes Presents at “Les Nits de la DO Montsant” at Hofmann Restaurante in Barcelona

In the vibrant setting of “Les Nits de la DO Montsant“, we had the privilege of joining forces with Rafael Pino from Bodega Masroig to celebrate and highlight the excellence of the DO Montsant at the renowned Hofmann Restaurante in Barcelona.

This evening not only allowed us to show our support for the Montsant designation of origin but also to present the new vintage of the Traca i Mocador Blanc 2022 wine.

From the start of the night, the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and appreciation for the local wine culture and the quality values represented by DO Montsant wines.

Hofmann Restaurante provided the perfect setting to explore and enjoy the variety of nuances in DO Montsant wines.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique experience, discovering the richness and complexity of wines that represent the diversity of the terroir of the Montsant designation of origin.

Among the wines representing DO Montsant, our Traca i Mocador Blanc 2022 stood out for its elegance and balance. It was an honor to share this launch with such a sensitive and enthusiastic audience.

“Les Nits de la DO Montsant” is an ideal platform to strengthen the wine community and foster greater appreciation for DO Montsant wines.

We feel privileged to have participated and look forward to future opportunities to continue sharing our passion and commitment to the wines we love so much.


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